Maintenance Pricing

* All prices are subject to change

* All prices are subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hourly Option ?

The option to pay by the hour is not the same as a plan.  Paying by the hour is for someone who rarely needs updating.  You may prefer to make changes yourself but get our help from time to time.  This option is better suited for you.  Most updates are completed within 48 hours.

What is the Basic Plan ?

The Basic Plan is for those that do not want to update their own website and has an update limit of 20 hours per month.  Each update request is minimum 1 hour.

What is the Support Option ?

The Support Option is when you contact us for any issues that may arise with your website or possible hosting issues.  You prefer to make all content changes yourself but get help if something goes wrong.  This plan also include us communicating with your hosting company as needed.  This option does not include any content edits or additions for the website.

What is the Corporate Plan ?

The Corporate Plan is for medium to large corporations that want to outsource large volumes of work without hiring an entire staff for the work, thus saving money.  With this plan, corporations usually have incoming requests from various departments that need their web pages edited with content or new pages created.  Programming and Designs functions as extended staff and will also assist with testing when deployments are done by the company’s employees. We will also attend short meetings from time to time that relates to the productivity of our job.   The platforms that are currently supported are SiteCore and WordPress.

What is the All Inclusive Plan ?

The All Inclusive Plan is designed for you to use Programming & Designs as your go to for all of your website related activity to include some hosting support.  This plan is ideal for someone who does not want to make updates themseves and have changes on a regular basis such as throughout the week. Most changes are made within 48 hours.

How does quarterly billing work?

Quarterly billing works by making a 3 month committment at a time.  Depending on which month you start your maintenance plan, the quarterly cycle will be prorated.  We bill on the following cycles throughout the year:

  • Jan, Feb, March – 1st quarter
  • April, May, June – 2nd quarter
  • July, Aug, Sept. – 3rd quarter
  • Oct, Nov, Dec – 4th quarter

So if you start your plan in August, then you will pay for August and September only.  Then if you chose, you can start another quarter in October.

An agreement is signed for each quarterly commitment.

When is billing due ?

You set a date that works best for you.

Payment methods ?

We only accept cards for payment.

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